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Saturday, December 30, 2006

We Begin Again

Well, the restoration has begun. That Bahro scream ushered in a (not-so) new era of the DRC being their usual cautious selves. Apparently the cavern went through some structural damage (it's unknown if the scream was the cause or just a symptom), so many things have been blocked off. Ae'gura suffered the most--we're limited up to the Great Stair, and even the docks are closed. The hoods had taken damage in the community rooms, but they were opened up again yesterday. The heek tables are back, albeit broken. They've even put up New Year's decorations. And, amazingly, after three years, they finally got the Gallery doors to work!

The DRC have been visiting quite often, although I've only ran into Wheely (Engberg's daughter) and Moke (a Cyanist) so far. I took a tour at Beginner's Bevin and chatted with a ResEng too. Still, things have been going slow.

Yet despite the apparent calm, there is a layer of unknown changes occurring. The DRC might have a new leader, known as Cate. Yeesha has given us access to the alternate Kadish Vault and an alternate cavern as well (accessed via the brown book in Relto). And while the Bahro haven't been agitated like they were on that Tuesday, something is still up with them, I can feel it.

I had a bad dream a few nights ago. I was given a new link to another balcony overlooking Tokotah. But I linked right into a massive earthquake that shook the cavern to its core. I dimly remember wandering through the rubble, but it's the earthquake that still stands out in my mind. My slight anxiety is forgotten when I visit D'ni and my friends, but at night I sometimes can't shake that sense of...I don't know what.

Agh, I've been worrying too much over a silly dream. Nothing like that is going to happen. The future is bright, and no matter what might come our way, you can't keep us explorers down!


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