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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Kadish Dreamin'

One of my classes that I'm taking in college is Lighting Design for my theater degree. One of the ongoing assignments is to write a journal entry once a week about or everyday experiences with light (like sunrises and sunsets, etc.). It might be unfair for me to have a bit of an advantage here: while my fellow classmates only have one world to draw their experiences from, I have Ages like Kadish and Teledahn at my disposal to write about. There's a risk that my professor will think that my first entry is pure fiction and write me up as merely an obsessive Myst fan (and a lunatic to boot), but I still want to share this with my class. Regardless, I hope that at least you guys will appreciate it.

Journal Entry #1
Date: Sunday, September 24, 2006
Time: 10:20pm EDT – 8:20pm Cavern Time (aka Mountain Time)
Location: The Age called Kadish Tolesa
Weather: Fair and dry

[From my diary—June 10, 2005]
I had forgotten how peaceful it is in Kadish Tolesa. I'm at my favorite spot, when you make your way out of the forest's dark shadow, and you come upon the skyline. How soothing it is just to sit and listen to the wind, the creaks of the trees, the bird calls and the buzzes of insects. Lavender shade kisses the tree trunks that never end, all the way down to the ground. The sun and moon, pale brothers, rest together in the sky. They and every creature here watch over a man's broken house of pride.
Tehlnahvah (Guild Master) Kadish was truly a rich man, though he never recognized it where it mattered. He Wrote one of the most beautiful Ages I have ever seen (the place almost rivals Atrus' worlds) and he treated it as nothing more than a mere storehouse, a living vault. A bank for the Great Grand False “Grower”.
Truly, the skyline here is worth more than all the piles of gold he died with.

I wrote that entry over a year ago. Conditions have changed since then. Last year, I sat here, sad that the explorers' numbers continued to dwindle yet grateful of the limited opportunity just to see such beauty. Today, I sit here with excitement and joy in my heart, the planned revival of the cavern city's restoration getting closer with each passing day. I impatiently ask myself the same questions over and over: What other worlds will we find? Will our missing colleagues return? Will our funding remain stable this time? Will more and more people find their way here and make a home with us? And will she come again to give us wisdom?

Yet coming here calms me down and eases my impatience for a time. Purple is my favorite color, and in this world, this Age, I see it in all its forms, from deep violet to gentle lavenders, set in the sky in layers from bottom to top. The broken pillars frame the sky perfectly, like a painting. The impossibly tall and thin trees are a pale black outline against the light that both the sun and moon give out. The clouds obscure the moon quite a bit. The sun is bare, but shines so gently, like our sun in winter--as a pale pearl against the gray. All of this gives off a barely noticeable blue tinge to the ground. This world is in a permanent state of both dusk and dawn; a testament to the skill of Kadish's Writing (it's technically NOT creation, but it is the easiest way of explaining the Art) of this Age.

I find this place so much more relaxing than any of the Garden Ages or eder tomahntee (“rest areas”) that we explorers have been given access to. In fact, this was the very place where I first fell in love with the Ages of the D'ni cavern. I hope that it will end up being only one world, one Book, out of hundreds that we will find underground, in the libraries of this lost civilization that I have grown to adore and think of as my second home.


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