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Friday, December 01, 2006

Kadish Glow Room Dreamin'

This is the third (and last) journal entry regarding D'ni and my lighting design class.

Journal Entry #12
Date: Wednesday, November 29, 2006
Location: Kadish Tolesa

I'm in what we call the Glow Room in Kadish Tolesa. This Age had the most fiendish puzzles, which fits the D'ni peoples' obsession with them. Granted, all the puzzle solutions are seen in his Gallery in the City, but it is very difficult to figure out just what solutions the paintings and triptychs are trying to convey. Now I travel through the Age with ease, but two years ago, I was banging my head on the stone in frustration...

The theme for all the puzzles is what is hidden, and the Glow Room is no exception. From the upper spiraling walkway, you see the ground divided into random shapes, and a wooden door at the end. When you reach the bottom you see five buttons, which light up certain parts of the ground. Checking the Gallery painting, you realize that you have to push buttons 2, 3, and 5. I, like many others, thought that you had to press those buttons and walk in the path of light to reach and open the door. But good ol' Guild Master Kadish was a deceiving son of a bitch—the door is a red herring. After many angry attempts of walking in the light only to bump into a door that refused to open, I tried the opposite: walking in the dark. I was right—you walk the path of darkness that leads to the middle of the room, then a small hidden spiral stairway opens up beneath your feet.

Sad to say, this puzzle wasn't even the hard one in the Age. Don't get me started about the damn ziggurat...


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