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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Destruction is Coming...

Here I am, trying to focus on all the schoolwork I have. I should be focusing on it, seeing as I'm graduating and all. But it's hard to do as I keep getting distracted by the scattered reports coming in.

All of Ae'gura blocked off apart from the Ferry Terminal Nexus, the Pub and the Great Stair. Other areas of Ages also possibly blocked off. Books disappearing. Odd objects popping up in Reltos. The Great Zero no longer listed in the Nexus. KIs acting up. Strange and terse messages from the DRC, that is, assuming they actually are from the DRC. And most troubling, Yeesha's message, reported by The Cavern Today.

I don't doubt Yeesha when she says destruction is coming. But I worry that it might not come from an external force. My main fear is that this might end up being a self-fulfilling prophecy. It would be possible to unite against a common enemy. Not easy, but possible. But if baseless paranoia wins the day, it would pull the cavern apart, this time possibly for good.

I worry for us explorers. It's hard to marvel at wonders when you're constantly looking over your shoulder. I worry for the DRC and the ResEngs too--I hope they're just busy and not in danger. I worry for the Cyanists and Gametappers, partly for their safety, and partly for selfishness: if they think that the restoration is in trouble, they might pull their financial support.

We are so close...we must weather this storm...


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