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Friday, August 11, 2006

Citizen's Update 08/11/06

I got quite a fright a couple of nights ago. Of late, when I've been visiting D'ni, I've done so alone. Taking a walk amongst the Ages is a great way to relax, and dream of what the future might hold for us explorers.

I found myself linking in to the D'ni Explorers Guild 'hood. According to the visitor log, it's been the first time that the hood has seen a soul in at least a month. I decided to spend some time in one of the prayer rooms. I even locked the door behind me for extra privacy. I was staring, deep in thought, at the floating seed, when suddenly a loud grating sound occurred behind my back.

I've never spent enough time in the prayer rooms to realize that the doors automatically open after a few minutes, presumably to make sure that no one passes out from oxygen deprivation or generally gets trapped. I must've jumped out of my skin! I ran out of the room and called out, but no one answered. I checked my KI and the visitor log to make sure. I was the only one there.

On a more exciting note, another group of Authorized Explorers has started their work. Again, I'm not in this group either. I counter my disappointment with the reminder that we'll all have a chance to make our mark on the restoration eventually.


Blogger Deg said...

Thanks for visiting the Explorer's Guild 'hood. I haven't been around there much since I've been zipping around to various places in Ae'gura lately. I've never stayed in one of the prayer rooms very long nor have had any of the doors mysteriously close. Strange happenings, eh?

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