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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Holding Down The Old Fort

In mid-July, I got to attend the first Town Hall meeting with Rand Miller. I was too shy to ask a question though. For me, it was his (and Cyan's) interpretations of Atrus' life story that drew me to D'ni, and his portrayal of Atrus that made me care deeply for the real Atrus himself. So you can forgive me for being too nervous to talk to him.

However, I was able to overcome my shyness for the second meeting with Rand and several Gametap representatives. It shocked me to hear them being introduced:
--Blake Lewin, VP of Product Development and Innovation, Turner
--David Reid - VP of Marketing, GameTap
--Trent Hershenson - Uru Marketing Lead, GameTap
--Ron Meiners (aka randomos) - Uru Community Manager, GameTap
This is nothing like Ubisoft's half-hearted support two years ago. When Vice-Presidents come down to the cavern itself to give us news and take the community's questions, it shows that they are not only supportive of Cyan's projects, but the restoration itself. And seeing as they all held Relto books, maybe they're taking the Journey as well!

I got to ask the final question: if Gametap was going to release Cyan's earlier games, like Cosmic Osmo. The answer was yes. In fact, I just heard that they're planning on releasing both Cosmic Osmo and The Manhole this September!

Also, Mysterium has just come and gone, and while I couldn't attend, I'm happy to see all the pictures, stories, and videos that people have uploaded. With all the optimism in the air and the future looking bright, it's a special Mysterium for us all.

And today, the first group of Authorized Explorers was allowed to assist the DRC. Maybe they got to visit those new Garden Ages. Unfortunately, I wasn't chosen, so I'll just have to keep refreshing my email for the next set of invites. Hopefully I won't have to wait too long!

For my part, I'll keep holding down the fort. I've already done the one small thing I could do to support the restoration effort: signed up for Gametap and received a free month of service. I encourage you to do the same by clicking the following link. Not only will you get to play plenty of games to keep you busy until the restoration returns full-swing, you will give financial support to Cyan Worlds itself and state proudly to Gametap that you wish to see D'ni renewed.


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