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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Mission(s) Accomplished

I finally got my KI fully calibrated with the Great Zero! No more marker missions! Unfortunately, I've read the notes from Laxman's morning meeting, and if this "extra data" in the lattice forces Laxman to restart the GZ, I will cry.

And speaking of meetings, I enjoyed attending Cyanist Moke's meeting in May and I hope to attend tonight's. I have never met a DRC member before. I've got a couple of questions for Laxman, one about the GZ and the other about the two new Ages listed on their site!

Eder Tsogahl (Phase Three) and Rahtevnee (Phase Two), along with the possibility of the Hood Game Room and Katha Island being opened. Katha has me the most interested: a haunted mansion with D'ni puzzles made by Faresh the illusionist. The mystery of his daughter's death and what the Relyimah did in the mansion after they were given ownership of it intrigues me. Lots of hidden puzzles and secret rooms just waiting to be explored!


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