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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Paranoia will destroy ya

Since Victor's post yesterday, another Restoration Engineer (ResEng141) has introduced himself on the DRC forums.

The problem is, after the recent incident with "The Healer" (who turned out to be nothing but some guy who took advantage of the community's excitement and just wanted to stir things up), some of us are doubtful if ResEng141 is an actual Engineer and not another guy who's just jerking our chain. A part of me entertained that possibility, but my instincts tell me that he's not lying. His language has been concise and clear, and he hasn't sent us off on wild puzzle chases or posted obtuse misspelled riddles (not yet anyway).

I'd just hate to see one charlatan make an otherwise very friendly and open community a paranoid, distrustful one.

Still, maybe I should contact the mod, ResEng233, and ask if he knows this person.

UPDATE: I've PMed the mod about this. Hopefully he'll respond.

UPDATE #2: Phew. Turns out ResEng141 is the real deal. He's very nice and friendly!


Blogger Connor Carpenter said...

Hey, I've been trying to do some research on this guy, Chris Clement. This post was the only one to show up on Google :). There have been some interesting developments in cavern about this guy, quite recently. It verges on a real storyline, reminiscent of Prologue. Talk to Vortmax and Mysty, they have the full scoop on everything. It's a good story, and something I reckon would be worth you looking into to post here.

Later! Keep the news rolling!

6:41 PM  

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